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Enterprise integration is a facet of software enterprise architecture that focuses on connectivity. System interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments are some of the many layers within enterprise architecture that normally need to communicate with each other to procure the best user experience.

We at GGI have both the experience and technological expertise to provide an organized information processing and delivery framework that centralizes the 4 key elements of a business operation, i.e., the business, the people associated with it, the processes and the IT infrastructure.

Our full-fledged enterprise integration solution can be further customized enabling you to build on existing assets and minimise the total cost of ownership of applications.

Our Enterprise Integration services are curated to help:

  • Build a cutting-edge plan to ensure a well-supported implementation
  • Analyse, plan and prioritize the efforts and costs of IT initiatives needed to achieve your business goals
  • Define an effective and efficient strategy for using current and anticipated applications and technologies

Cloud Integration

Most enterprises are adopting a cloud-first policy and are heavily investing in SaaS applications, private cloud, public cloud and are playing at the intersection of the hybrid cloud. The increased use of cloud application and services generated new, complex business models that needed global integration networks to support such unprecedented cloud adoption under a single entity.


API Integration

Business Process Integration (BPI) is essential for organizations to connect systems and information correctly. BPI enables the automation of management, operational, and supporting processes. This gives businesses an edge over competition as they can focus on their core competencies and business development instead of worrying about integration and focus on execution which will lead to higher profitability. 


Application and Data Integration

One of the main challenges in disparate systems is managing and assimilating data. We can help our clients integrate data across different types of databases like Mainframe DB, Oracle, SQL  server and other similar database technologies. We can also perform custom data integrations and help the client in maintaining a uniform structure within the organisation and prevent redundancy and maintain uniformity. 

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