Staff Augmentation for IT Services

Why The Staff Augmentation Model

Every organization can have different reasons to follow Augmentation approach. We can divide some of the cases into different types:


In-house Development Team
Sometimes even the most effective, high-performing in-house IT team might also
need extra hand, to deliver faster or close gaps. Staff Augmentation can help
address this issue.








Helps speed up the execution of the projects

Can provide additional specialists to get things done. Skilled experts can help give momentum to the company’s tech initiative


New and advanced skills and technologies

Sometimes, big, and complex IT projects require a special set of skills for a particular role or issue. IT Staff Augmentation Services can effectively help in those projects without wasting time

Short-term or mid-term engagement

Staff Augmentation framework is a perfect option if you must implement an IT project with a limited time span with limited budget because not only this model is a quick turnaround model, but it is also cost-effective

Help recruit people quickly

Everybody has a microwave mentality. It might sound like a joke, but it’s true and hard to deny. With this Model companies can get the specialists as soon as they need and without wasting their time in lengthy recruitment process

Benefits of partnering with GGI’s Staff Augmentation

Cost Effective Solution

GGI offers on-shore, short-shore (Latin America) and off-shore teams with all kinds of skills in IT. That helps our clients to choose from a variety of resources according to their budget without comprising on the quality of the work

No recruitment Risks

GGI works with highly professional specialists. The candidates are throughly screened by our technical team which ensures successful adaptation. We can start providing resumes within 72 hours

Quick access to skillset

Choose required skills from our highly professional candidates and work with them to get the results your company desires. No need to spend extra money on new offices and extra workspace. No need to waste time on interviewing tons of candidates to see if they really fit your need

Full control over project Development

The Staff Augmentation model gives you full control over the development process so that you can set goals and define priorities for your project

Resourcing Models

Global Delivery Model

With GGI you can access top IT talent worldwide through its highly skilled technical recruiters in US, Latin America, Europe and South East Asia. This removes the need for intermediaries, allowing for lower expenses and faster turnaround times. This also allows for a more engaged talent pool and reduced irregular spending on rogue and freelance workforces

Talent Marketplace

A pool of skilled and talented potential candidates for the various roles available in the organization are all gathered inside our own talent marketplace. This way, we are able to classify each skill so that we can immediately pick out the best ones in the flock when the need arises

Diverse Resources

Loyal fanbase of employees and contractors: Our emphasis on talent experience management helps to have a strong and loyal fanbase in our talent pipeline

Full time employees

Full-time employees are the backbone of our organization. They serve as the main driving force towards providing the level of quality needed to ensure smooth operations and in maintaining the level of quality of work